Allure Wash - Woodland Mist

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Allure - Woodland Mist

Fine Fiber and Fabric Wash!

Allure  provides a superior wash that removes soils and odors yet still guards colors.  Available in 16 oz. and 3.4 oz. bottles and a 0.23 oz. single-use packet.  This all natural, no rinse wash is backed by thirty years of experience; the premium no residue formula was developed specifically for fine fiber care by our own resident chemist, Eileen Koop!  Allure is available in three sizes, a 16 ounce bottle, a 3.4 ounce travel size (TSA approved) and a one gallon jug with a convenient pump perfect for people with a lot of fiber to clean like indie dyers.

Allure's Woodland Mist, a fragrance reminiscent of a romantic walk in enchanted woods. A hypnotic blend developed to instantly evoke the mystery and beauty of enchanted woods. An alluring blend of bright flowers, surprising spices and creamy woods – layers upon layers of luxury with an elegant touch of vanilla softness, captured in a fragrance that wraps the wearer in soothing warmth.

Hand washing your hand-knits and delicates in allure fine fiber wash's Woodland Mist is a treat for both the fiber and for you.

Our All Natural Formula is:
Color Safe
Tough on stains
Septic/gray water safe
No dyes, enzymes, or phosphates
No optical brighteners
No formaldehyde
No gluten
Natural Cleaning agents - (Derived from Palm oil and corn, lifts and suspends soil and stains)
Plant derived fiber conditioner (Helps remove soil and smooth fibers)
Natural fragrance (Composed of essential oils and extracts)
Preservative (Acts as an antibacterial to prevent contamination)
allure was not tested on animals

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