About Allure

What is allure?

Allure is a fine fiber and fabric wash that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of bleach, phosphates, synthetic fragrance and dyes. It is pH neutral and packaged in a recyclable hdpe-free plastic bottle. But what makes allure special is its true no residue formula. Unlike other fiber washes, allure does not have any lanolin, waxes, or other animal oils added to it which get left behind on your garment or yarn. This means that your fibers and yarns wash clean: allure is a pure fiber and fabric wash designed to let the original softness of the fibers to show through. Remember, delicate, high end, exotic fibers such as Yak, Bison, Qiviut, Silk, Cashmere and more have no naturally-occurring lanolin or wax on them before harvesting. If nature didn't put lanolin on the fiber, why should you add them artificially when washing?



Allure at a Glance:

    • Phosphate Free
    • No Enzymes
    • No Fillers
    • Biodegradable
    • Low Sudsing
    • Color Safe
    • Non-Yellowing
    • Tough on Stains
    • Septic/Gray Water Safe
    • Earth Friendly
    • Non-Toxic
    • Recyclable Bottle
    • Eco-friendly Alternative to Dry Cleaning
    • No Animal Testing
    • Made in USA


      Allure Q&A

      1. Is allure safe to use on lingerie?
        Yes, allure is safe for all fine fibers and fabrics, including lingerie.
      2. Is allure safe for my children to use?
        While allure is non-toxic, children & pets children should not be using this product without adult supervision.
      3. Is allure safe for HE machines?
        allure is low sudsing and perfectly safe for HE machines.
      4. Is it safe to use allure on pets?
        allure is perfectly safe for bathing dogs and other animals though we recommend a shampoo formulated for pets.
      5. Will it harm my skin?
        Due to its no-residue formula and neutral ph balance allure will not harm the skin.
      6. What is the shelf-life of allure products?
        allure has a shelf life of at least 5 years, but we can't imagine waiting for that long to washing &/or blocking!
      7. Why does allure recommend no rinsing?
        Since it truly leaves no residue, there is no reason to do so. Not only does that make allure convenient to use, it will also save both time and water. Also, with wool less handling while wet helps avoid matting (felting) and shrinking.
      8. What will happen if I do rinse?
        For wool, rinsing is okay if done carefully, but we suggest you use rinse water that is the same temperature as the wash water to help avoid matting (felting) and shrinking. All other fabrics may be rinsed; simply rinse until the water runs clear.
      9. How can I avoid having the colors run?
        It is very important to check that the colors are colorfast and then follow the general washing instructions. We recommend drying flat on rack or hanging to allow air circulation and avoid wicking.  For additional information, please see our "Washing Tips for Fine Fibers and Fabrics" page.
      10. How to tell if something is colorfast?
        Moisten a clean, white cloth (100% cotton or other natural fiber). Press firmly on colored area in an inconspicuous place. If color is not "fast" it will transfer to cloth, so wash at own risk or have dry cleaned. Dark colors are prone to bleed into light colors such as blues, reds and greens.
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