Allure Wash - Free Sample

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Allure - Free Sample

Fine Fiber and Fabric Wash!

Are you a "try before you buy" type person?  Or do you just want to see if all of the hype is real and see if allure is right for you?  Well here is your chance!  In any case, the allure free sample gives you three 7ml/0.23oz single wash packets of our fantastic, new, no-residue, no-rinse, all natural fine fiber and fabric wash.  Order yours today and see what the fuss is about for yourself!


Only 1 sample per request.


Our All Natural Formula is:
     Color Safe
     Tough on stains
     Septic/gray water safe
     No dyes, enzymes, or phosphates
     No optical brighteners
     No formaldehyde
     No gluten


allure was not tested on animals

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